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Help keep the Descent afloat for 2015

We apologise for the short notice, but the Capel Descent has been cancelled for 2014.

Due to circumstances, the Apex Club of Capel is unable to support this event in the future, so we are looking for a local community group or other organisation with suitable insurance to revive the event for 2015. Past organisers are happy to assist any group who wants to take on this unique event.

Nineteen kilometres through a winding river, weir, river mouth and winter surf conditions, the Capel Descent is not a marathon, but itís no walk in the park, either. It will test your skills as an ocean or river paddler, and maybe even throw you a few challenges along the way.


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The Capel Descent has been a fundraising event for the Apex Club of Capel inc since 2009. All proceeds from registration fees went towards helping them continue to serve the local Capel community through volunteer work, provision of equipment, services, labour and funds, as well as organisation and assistance with activities and events that help foster community spirit. With the Apex Club no longer in a position to support the event, we are looking for a local community group to take it on - contact us